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With our Lab initiative we work in partnership with clients to produce solutions and business practices that incorporate our semantic processing methods and tools. We are in a partnership approach that not only integrates technology transfer through training, but also use of our tools based on business case studies. This co-production approach sometimes aims to build a specific business solution or offer that may or may not be marketed at a later date.

One of the classic marketing problems is to link a client with an offer. It involves identifying target clients who are likely to purchase our products. So it is necessary to have sufficiently detailed knowledge of prospects and clients, which requires proper analysis of their purchasing behavior, consumption patterns, preferences, habits, and so forth. We are in a categorization exercise consistent with the categorization we can make of our own products. It is important to be able to identify and understand the information we have on two key areas: client and product, where our semantic processing chain is a tremendous asset. It gives meaning to marketing actions and places value on marketers’ work.

Create a promotional offer Identify potential prospects Segment

Any business that bases its performance on processing financial and marketing data, or simply in understanding and optimizing business processes is likely to use logiCells technology.

The diversity and complexity of data means logiCells can position itself as a solution because data annotation, categorization, and processing by the semantic engine make a first-class solution.

Sectors such as mass retail, logistics, banks, insurance, industry and manufacturing are all particularly vulnerable to data overload.

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