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Open business

At logiCells we aim to make our semantic processing tools, in particular logiCells designer, available to our clients. Open Business is a solution that combines technology transfer, tools, and - depending on the complexity of our clients’ projects - the assistance of our business experts, development engineers and data scientists.

We also make the business solutions developed by logiCells’ R&D department available to clients.

Big Data & Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence issues are proportional to the volume and variety of data we host, whatever our business sector. In an age of information overload it makes sense to talk of the 3V concept: volume, velocity, and variety.

The semantic engine embedded in logiCells’ graph layer, as well as the technology and skills of our researchers and data scientists have been instrumental in creating our Open Business solution that helps clients leverage our tools and expertise. We have also created a ‘Lab’ initiative, to work alongside other business experts and create the right tools and best practices with them. Business Intelligence, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning are central to the work we do every day.

Marketing Data

What are the issues and tools related to semantic annotation of marketing data? The initial reaction is to give meaning to the data in order to leverage it.

There is an ever-growing accumulation of data in the form of text, calculations, pictures, emails, and videos … it is becoming increasingly difficult to find meaning in all the content we host. At first glance the easiest task is to categorize the data, but this raises some key questions: How do I make sure my categorization system makes sense? How do I build a categorization system that withstands the test of time?

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